Made by the artist, for the artist. Making the underdog Top Dog again.


Making the underdog top dog

Who We Are

Delyric Entertainment's name comes from it's founder and co-CEO, Alexandra de Scheel (aka Delyric Oracle).

She created the label, llc, distribution channel and all the bare bones of Delyric Entertainment while she and her partner Adam Young were employeed at another record label within the industry serving as the top execs for someone who didn't really have the foresight, business sense or virtue to see the resources they provided turned into action.

Both she and Adam Young (who had brought her on and fused her previous business experience with her artistry) were growing weary of the dark sides of the industry and lack of concern for the heart of the music or the art of the musician... she acted to establish an escape route and when he was ready they took it.

She set up the intial website, created an app, solidified the distribution channel, partners, created the packages and the DIY items from discussions with Djayy Charliee on what they had accumulated between them all while in the industry.

Adam meanwhile took a break from the industry to clear his head and get some capital saved up, and when he returned everything was in place for him to do what he does best; sell and connect with artists... only this time, without fear of selling them anything that would steer them wrong ... this time, with the help of former-TMZ, friend to the stars, PR wonderkin Sun of Hollywood, Djayy Charliee, Ivan onTheBeat, Scott Strausburg, Mula West and all the other members of the team who had opted throughout Alexandra's building period to leave the darker parts of the industry as well and/or come towards the light being shone ... they were ready to go. And Adam began to add his expertise to the list of services which Delyric Entertainment could provide... such as Diesmetrics (the only 100% organic and interactive instagram promotion service for businesses and artists).

Alexandra added to this with Play2Pay (her trademarked business idea fusing her Masters Degree in Cognitive Semiotics with her music industry experinece to think outside the box in a revolutionary new way to get local artists heard more than those who have the funds to pay for nonstop radio play).  If interested in this or any other service provided, listed or unlisted, please fill out the form either below or on the register tab. Thank you :) 

We Do It All




Our expert beatmakers (from audiophile Titans like Ivan onTheBeat to heavyweighrs like Mozart Jones who has worked with greats like Eminem and had music in multiple blockbusters including Planet of the Apes and X-Men + our unmatchable on roster talents can create the perfect beat, with or without male/female sung/rapperd hook/verse of any speed, flow, style or note. With that starting point, under the guidance of Delyric Oracle (who was nominated for Lyricist of the Year twice and is currently up for both Rapper of the Year and Female Artist of the Year in the Azilla Awards) we will help you in songwriting, song structuring, cadence, mixing, mastering and everything in between. We will conquer any obstacles you face together!
Having one of the most patient and honest A&Rs in the game, with 20 years of experince in the music industry (Adam Young) on the team means that you get the fruits of that labor and any opinion, help that you are willing to hear or take to get you where you need to be as an artist and brand.
We custom make packages to fit even the tightest budget and try to pack as much in as we can to give you the best value for your money. Depending on the areas you need to focus on, determined during a phone consultation, we provide new artists with Artist Development Services, Studio Time, Stage Presence training, Music Reviews and Notes, Song Writing, Beats and anything else you need to be on your way towards your dream seen as reality.

And always feel free to fact check anyones story when you are approached by an A&R or supposed affiliate of some big label or celebrity... sometimes that's legit and you don't want to miss the opportunity wondering 'what if' but a lot of times it isn't and you lose more than you get. We will not only show you how to tell the difference , we will go a step further than intuition and fact check any claims for you with our complete database of music industry contacts.


With top rate videographers and photographers around the world, imaginative crews and true love for the art of Hip Hop, not just the culture and consciousness... we will find you the perfect partner to make your music come to life visually no matter where you are.

Once completed we will distribute your video, we can get you a vimeo channel, we can even get your video in rotation on MTVu, VH1 and many more...

We have the best online and street team promoters in the business who will be your army either way you go, getting that video into the hands of the people who it will make fans for you.


Running or organizing events can be overwealming. It will be overwealming. Some of us love that feeling and flourish in it... most sane people, however, do not. Let us find you a venue, make you a budget, contact promoters or venue owners (depending which one you are and which one you need), make the guestlist, create the tickets and promotions, responsive email campaigns and in-person street team marketing mixed with online marketing plans. Top it off with expertly designed legal contracts for all parties involved to take all of the stress out of throwing an event.


All organic, interaction increasment resulting in real life sales from real life leads turned real life clients.You have access to everyone in your target demographic (whether you are an artist or a company selling any service or good), studies show that more sales and clients are gained through social media than anywhere else in every industry, and more than ever before. That can be overwealming if you don't know how to utilize the tools this presents you with... so let us do it. With either targeted weekly, bimonthly or monthly promotion (including graphics and content to push); or complete social media management of one or all of your social media accounts.


This all culminates in a finished product (song, mixtape, album, artist, brand, business etc) that is ready to be shared with the world. But how? Well we do offer full scale distribution at record speeds with options to keep 100% of your royalties...but if no one knows about you or your music there is no one there to buy it , and if no one is there to buy it ... does it really exist? No. Music is made to be heard. And a brand is meant to be seen. And a business is meant to serve people/clients ... not pretend to serve them while actually baraccading themselves in a horde of bots they paid to make them isolated from future leads/fans/sales in order to give the appearence of what we can help them get for REAL. Whether you choose the Sun of Hollywood "Difference between whether something happens in Hollywood or it doesn't"  Garry Sun, or you choose to mix and match for cheaper options like an interview in the source magazine online or features in thisis50, thesourceonline etc. or front page spreads on spinerella or datpiff, fm radio play, interviews, blog and magazine articles ... we get you and your music/business known to be appreciated!


Logo design, graphics design, mixtape or album cover design, marketing copy or social media content design, website design, responsive email campaign design, brochures or flier design, and anything else you can think of or need designed/whitelabeled/done... we got you.

Press releases, EPKs, Artist Bios, Registration with Publishing Houses to get paid for your songs being played, Motto creation, corporate structure and organizational psychology based team building, marketing strategies, social media plans of attack, business plans or elevator pitches/pitch decks/sponsership packages... anything you need written business wise or for personal reasons.. we got you there too.


With distribution in over 160 stores online including itunes, tidal, spotify, google music and everything else you could think of our distribution channel has been nominated for awards at the International Trade Awards and 'International Business of The Year'. Ditto opened their Australian office in Melbourne in May 2013. Other accolades include RECSS Customer Support Award for 'Best Online Service Provider' and a nomination for 'Best Distribution Team' at the 2013 Music Week Awards

Our Partners

                   OG Mack Drama Records and BrickSquad SW Records
                             The inspiration behind the hit TV Show Empire,
                             OG Elm St Piru, Social Influencer, Marketing/Promo Guru
                              and the head of 1017 Brick Squad Mafia SW under Gucci Mane


                                        Sun of Hollywood PR and press 
                                                 Friend to the stars, former TMZ photog,
                                                   PR Genius   And First Class Videographer


                                  Revolutionary But Genius Tour 2017
                                                             (With G Runna in association with Raw Enterprises)


                      DJ Mix Master Assassin aka Po Nitty
                                        2pac's Producer
                                        & Representative for Shakur Family

Get In Touch!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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