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Who We Are

Delyric Entertainment's name comes from it's founder and co-CEO, Alexandra de Scheel (aka Delyric Oracle). She created the label, llc, distribution channel and all the bare bones of Delyric Entertainment while she and her partner Adam Young were employeed at another record label within the industry serving as the top execs for someone who didn't really have the foresight, business sense or virtue to see the resources they provided turned into action. Both she and Adam Young (who had brought her on and fused her previous business experience with her artistry) were growing weary of the dark sides of the industry and lack of concern for the heart of the music or the art of the musician... she acted to establish an escape route and when he was ready they took it. She set up the intial website, created an app, solidified the distribution channel, partners, created the packages and the DIY items from discussions with Djayy Charliee on what they had accumulated between them all while in the industry. Adam meanwhile took a break from the industry to clear his head and get some capital saved up, and when he returned everything was in place for him to do what he does best; sell and connect with artists... only this time, without fear of selling them anything that would steer them wrong ... this time, with the help of former-TMZ, friend to the stars, PR wonderkin Sun of Hollywood, Djayy Charliee, Ivan onTheBeat, Scott Strausburg, Mula West and all the other members of the team who had opted throughout Alexandra's building period to leave the darker parts of the industry as well and/or come towards the light being shone ... they were ready to go. And Adam began to add his expertise to the list of services which Delyric Entertainment could provide... such as Diesmetrics (the only 100% organic and interactive instagram promotion service for businesses and artists). Alexandra added to this with Play2Pay (her trademarked business idea fusing her Masters Degree in Cognitive Semiotics with her music industry experinece to think outside the box in a revolutionary new way to get local artists heard more than those who have the funds to pay for nonstop radio play).  If interested in this or any other service provided, listed or unlisted, please fill out the form either below or on the register tab. Thank you :) 

Our Partners

OG Mack Drama Records and BrickSquad SW Records


New Born Saga Comics


Sun of Hollywood PR and press 


Revolutionary But Genius Tour 2017


DJ Mix Master Assassin aka Po Nitty

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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