Made by the artist, for the artist. Making the underdog Top Dog again.


The music industry is changing at a significantly rapid rate in which if you do not keep your head on the swivel while making sound (no pun intended) decisions you won't be above water for long.

In this case, you need a dedicated liason to help do the intricate work for you in this fluctuating market. You've come to the right place. DELYRIC ENTERTAINMENT, is an international record label having a plethora of personal connections in the world of entertainment and music distribution.

We offer several distribution and production packages that last from 3 to 6 months (or however long you need).

Whether you choose The Impala, The Jetta, or The Conquest Knight we are certain that one of our tenacious packages will be of use to you - but only if you're an amazing artist who takes their work seriously.

If you are not an amazing artist who takes their work seriously, you're probably better off elsewhere. However, we know that's not you.

You've got your head on the swivel. Partner with us today. Select a package. Together, let's service the world​

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