Made by the artist, for the artist. Making the underdog Top Dog again.
    1. Alexandra de Scheel "Delyric Oracle"
      A lifetime Hip Hop head New Yorker turned West Coaster, Alexandra also has a masters degree in Cognitive Semiotics making her perfectly suited to launch her second business selling playlists tailored to the neurological impulses of consumers in stores across the country ... and for her to offer artists exclusive placement on music which fits both needs. She has also been the CEO of two other companies and a marketing manager and top executive in the industry but is a fan/Hip Hop head/Revolutionary first and a business woman second meaning she will always put the music and the culture (and the artist) first. With ties to both Hip Hop royalty and the business world, as well as the respect earned in activism and music circles (recently shown in both a nomination for the Hoodies Lyricist of the Year and an award from the Sage Institute for Humanitarian of the Year) and her lifetime spent traveling between continents she is in the perfect position to give the REAL access to what previously could only be bought with money or your soul/artistry from labels if you were even so lucky to get their attention: Access directly to the people, marketing and promotion as well as branding, and networking for sponsership , international shows as well as your music used in film, television and video game works.
    1. Adam Young "DiesmAe"
      The other half of this equation and co-CEO (as well as partner in their previous employment at another label) is Adam T Young. He is the sales guru. That "it" which only a few have and many artists lose out on by not being able to do ... he has that. While most do not feel comfortable approaching others, pushing themselves or their craft... he will bulldoze down doors and any other obstacles in his way to get what he and his artists should be awarded for their work; the chance to shine for the whole world to see.... whether or not you take that opportunity is up to you... leave the rest up to him. And if you look at his own lengthy history in the music industry and his body of work ranging from his time as a horrorcore artist to his new conscious self you can see that he does very much have what it takes.... and he is willing to share that knowledge and much more with you.
    1. Carlos Cureno "Djayy Charliee"
      Djayy Charliee is a powerhouse media music mogul, who at his young age has already torn the roof off of anything keeping him from reaching the top. He has organized events for, hosted events with and helped in the management of artists like Baby Bash, YG and Slim400 to name but a few and has his own radio station with strong ties to others all across the nation. You would be hard pressed to find someone in the rap world who did not know the name "Djayy Charliee" and if you are searching for such a person you had better do it now because if he has gotten this linked up, hooked up and balled out at this young of an age... just imagine where a he will be at twenty or thirty... you can't because no one has gotten to the level he is taking his skills in the public arena. And he does it all for the love of the music and to give artists he believes in a chance and a platform. Which means all that he has accomplished will benefit you directly ... fm radio play, connects, features in magazines internationally and online and interviews at stations nationwide. What record labels used to be the only ones able to offer Delyric Entertainment brings to you in the form of this sixteen year old celebrity djayy.
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