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DiesmAe, also known as Adam Young, is a former horrorcore emcee who has transitioned through his life and experiences (as well as finding God) to becoming a conscious emcee. Yet he retains shark like skills when it comes to sales and promotion of his art and the art of anyone worthy of his time and efforts. He has been in the music industry in one capacity or another for nearly two decades, and when not giving artists the business or being an artist himself he has spent his time on passions like being a chef and gaming (which is why Delyric Ent will soon be sponsering a gaming league run by him) . Like his counterpart and partner Alexandra de Scheel, he has seen the worst this system does not just to those within it but abroad as he was there firsthand during his time at war while in the military so he has the perspective and knowledge to say ... Fuck Em, but Pray for Em. 

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Friday, May 29, 2015

My Interview with the Rap Legend "DiesmAe"
This is my interview with the Legendary Adam Young, AKA DiesmAe (formerly known as "Suspect" and "Cold Fusion"). He is out here doing major work. He is currently a manager for Hot 97.7 Blazing Hiphop in Arizona and the Head A/R for - Curtis Young (the son of Dr. Dre). Listen to our conversation...

Sean: So where are you from DiesmAe?
DiesmAe: I was born in Annapolis Maryland , grew up in Severna Park MD ... to living in Baltimore,Arnold,Easton,Saint Michaels and Cambridge .... lived now practically all over the United States ...
South Carolina to New York .... to NC - to Michigan to Indiana now here in AZ.
Sean: You're a manager for Hot 97.7 and you also work for Curtis Young, but a lot of people don't know that you are a phenomenal lyricist/rapper yourself? 

How long have you been rapping?
DiesmAe: I started rapping when I was 14 - had done music my whole life since I was 3 - picking up just any instrument that would entice my musical gift GOD had granted me .... he also gave me the gift to read music ... from the recorder to the harmonica to even that metal spring thing you play with your mouth ... whats it called a Jew's harp? yeah till I was about 7 when I chose the instrument that really defined me as a artist, the Saxophone .... and like I said 14 hit and I got into hiphop and have carried hiphop with me ever since .... played the sax all the way to my Junior year in High School .... where I dropped it cold turkey .... for my Senior year ... ... which I got into drugs really bad and started my dark path through the music industry ... not just that life/college and the military in general - US Navy 03-07

Sean: You seem like you have a very rich musical background. What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
DiesmAe: I started rapping because of a track called "The distance" by Cake and album called Fashion Nugget ... and obviously started listening to the Legends ... Pac - Biggie ... Pun .... Eminem (Huge influence) not anymore tho ... honestly now I rap to just change a life .... hopefully they can cope thro my music and find life through music like I did - As well the mission GOD has given me ... to change this industry to better humanity.

Sean: Yeah the legends will strongly influence anyone's rap career. You're not new to the rap game. A lot of people don't know that you're a veteran in this industry. What labels have you been signed to?
DiesmAe: Labels I have been signed to in order : Apathetik productions, Mix now records, DOV entertainment (DNA - Dangerous Nations Alliance) > Left this label because my daughters life got threatened by one of my labels mates .... you can guess what happened from there .... Created my own label called M.O.E No Regretz Recordz (Music over Everything) and thats where I was wrong because its (GOE) GOD over everything .... from there got signed to Hitmaker Music Group .... they were a scam ... went to Charlotte NC on tour and everything revealed it self ... I take the best out of ever opportunity though .... I got to stay in a 6.5 million dollar mansion for the entirety of the tour .... From there signed to Diamond House Int. Music Group .... another scam .... From there signed to Sky Gang Music ... longest label I stayed with .... for two years .... CEO turned out to be fake ... I guess the best out of that was I learned a lot within coming on as CEO of marketing/networking and promotion to my promotion of Vice President in 2014 ... You can ask the artists who were on .... I ran the company as VP and CEO .... We were going to over throw what crown he thought he had ... but honestly I wasn't for the hassle ... GOD had other plans .... 2 days after I resigned - Curtis Young (The son of Dr. Dre) hits me up now mind you I had already been working on WWMG as a A/R 3 months prior and I had known Curtis for almost 2 years off and on .... so he tells me straight up to know what happened with SGM .... and offered me the opportunity to come fully on board to Forever Young Entertainment as A/R two blessings in one



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